Kalami  - The White House

"A white house set like a dice on a rock already venerable with the scars of wind and water."

PROSPERO'S CELL © Lawrence Durrell 1945 & 1975


(Kalami, Corfu: August 1939)


We sat beneath the silent stars of heaven

Upon a rock the sun had scorched all day,

And felt within us and around the leaven

Of night's reprieve to life.


Below us lay

A blackness where the wavelets stirred and rippled,

Unseen, along a darkened beach; but soon,

Lit by a brightening sky, their crests were stippled

With silver spores sown by a rising moon

Until the quickened sea became a flowering

Of living quivering silver.


Then the night

Thrilled us once more with awe for, from a grove

Of cypresses that crowned the headland towering

Across the bay, a shepherd's piping wove

A tune of high thin threads of shivering light

© Theodore Stephanides  CITIES OF THE MIND 1969

The White House

"... the tiny village of Kalami. Here a white two-storied house on a rocky promontory was for several years the home of Lawrence Durrell and his Wife Nancy. Lawrence, poet and novelist, is the well-known author of Prospero's Cell and several other books which have Corfu or other Mediterranean settings as their background. In this same house Henry Miller, perpetrator of Tropic of Cancer, was Durrell's guest during the summer of 1939. The place is already a tourist attraction, but I do not think that a marble monument commemorates the above double claim to distinction. The future is vast, however, and qui vivrà verrà."

© Theodore Stephanides  ISLAND TRAILS 1973

Lawrence Durrell ("Larry" Brother of Gerald Durrell). First passport photo.



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