Litoria caerulea - Green Tree Frog

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Family: Hylidae (tree frogs)

Distribution: Widely distributed along the coasts and drier interior of Australia (except for the South West)

Habitat: Wide range of habitats. Associated with human dwellings



Litoria gracilenta - Dainty Green Tree Frog

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Family: Hylidae (tree frogs)

Distribution: Eastern Australia, from North of Sydney to CapeYork.

Habitat: moist forests and woodland, river banks



-0-Mixophyes schevilli - Northern Barred Frog

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Family: Myobatrachidae (a family endemic to the Australian region, where it represents many of the ecotypes represented by other families in the rest of the world)

Distribution: Atherton Tableland and coastal ranges north of the Johnstone River, Queensland

Habitat: Rainforest floor; well camouflaged to match the structures of the leaf litter. Females are larger than males. In South America, this ecotype is represented by members of the Family Leptodactylidae.-



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